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The Internal Archaeology of the Warrens and Lodge Sites

This project set out to investigate a selection of warren sites, determine the extent and condition of surviving internal archaeological features and compile a standardised record for each, producing a more complete picture of the structure of the warrens and how they functioned. The project also produced a detailed report and on-line information resources. 11 warren sites were investigated to determine the extent and condition of surviving internal archaeological features and lodge sites. Volunteers undertook this work, having been trained in archaeological surveying and recording techniques and in archival research. As a result of the project, the existence of two more lodges on Thetford Warren was confirmed. A further exciting discovery was made to the north-east of the site, where the outer face of a section of the Thetford Warren boundary bank was found to be faced with flints. This is the only known warren in the Brecks with such a feature.

The project also discovered a reference in The Bury and Norwich Post of 31 December 1806 indicating that there was formerly more than just the single known lodge on Brandon Warren. The ‘discovery’ of the diary of local antiquarian Frank Norgate in the Norfolk Record Office during the Breckland Society’s Flint in the Brecks project gave a new insight into the lodge on Thetford Warren. More dramatically, a photograph was discovered in the Forestry Commission archives which showed Thetford Warren Lodge after the 1935 fire that destroyed the outbuildings attached to the medieval structure.

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  • Greater awareness of the importance of Warrens in the Brecks.
  • Volunteers trained with continued support from the Breckland Society
  • Standardised methodology developed for future recording.
  • Project outcomes will continue to be promoted via the report and webpages.
  • Equipment library available for future research projects.

Deepened my knowledge of the working history & landscape of the Brecks

Project volunteer


Warren Lodge
Mildenhall Warren Lodge © Nick Ford

The Internal Archaeology of the Breckland Warrens

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