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Thetford Munzee Trail

The Thetford Munzee Trail is a great way to explore this heritage-rich town. Have fun competing with your friends and family, answer our quiz questions while hunting and capturing each Munzee code – and discover places you never knew existed... plus, it’s absolutely free!

Download the app from and the trail leaflet here.

Here are some simple steps to help you get on your way:

1) Make sure your battery is 100% charged.

2) The Market Place (IP24 2DT) is a good place to start, but it’s only a suggestion.

3) Open the Munzee App to access the map and list screen and zoom in to your location: list will show the closest Munzees to you and map will show you where they are.

4) Somewhere in the surroundings is a Thetford Trail Munzee. On the Munzee App map all of our Munzees are pink;

5) Once you’ve found a Thetford Trail Munzee, tap it to reveal a clue on where it’s hiding.

6) You can follow the built-in compass to get nearer to the Munzee.

7) When you’re close, use your treasure hunting skills to find the Munzee! Most are stickers with a pink circle around them but three are ‘virtual’ Munzees - see the trail leaflet for more.

8) Once you’ve found the Munzee, use the capture button on the home or map screen to scan the QR code or capture a virtual munzee

9) Quiz time! Answer a pop-up question. Be sure to look around the surrounding area for inspiration – the less guesses the more points you get!

10) Now that’s done, can you find the next one? Happy Munzee hunting! We hope you enjoy the Thetford Heritage Munzee Trail. Once a Munzee has been captured you cannot do it again and it will show up as a red tick on your map.

This project was funded by our Peoples Pot and was delivered by Norfolk Trails, part of Norfolk County Council.