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Sandlines: Writing The Brecks

Get your literary juices flowing in these creative writing workshops, connecting people, landscapes and memories.

Sandlines was the first project to be awarded a grant from the People's Pot fund, and the first in the BNG Scheme to involve creative writing. Click here to read the news feature. Lois Williams and Melinda Appleby delivered the six-month project to capture local memories, histories and impressions - creating a Sandline for the Brecks'.

There were four creative writing workshops in total, at various locations in The Brecks.

These workshops were supported by an additional Sandlines webpage (see link at the bottom), onto which poetry was uploaded and creative writing activities and inspiration shared. This will be actively managed by Sandlines for 6 months and available afterwards as an archive of writing and encouragement. The project ended with a public reading event to share and celebrate the work produced.

"Sandlines invites Brecks residents to write poetry and build community in small, personalised day-long workshops, under the inspiring guidance of a writer and a conservationist. Our workshops blend the craft of poetry writing with the craft of reading the landscape, literally taking in the “whole picture”—the visible and the hidden histories—that make the Brecks a uniquely special place

Poetry is an ancient form of news sharing and memorialisation. Throughout history, people have used poetry to point to places, people and events that have played important parts in the life of a community. Poetry is also a very effective means of inspiring understanding and positive action toward the things that are dear to us—such as landscapes and the natural world".

Melinda Appleby and Lois Wiiliams

Words in the Walled Garden - review of fourth workshop

Connecting With the Landscape - review of third workshop

Project Gallery

A selection of images from the project.

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"it was a most enjoyable and inspiring day"



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Voices from the Brecks

A collection of create writing from the BNG workshops