Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

Brecks Landscape Patterns

A fantastic opportunity to connect with the Brecks through environment inspired art. Discover and interpret patterns in the landscape through artist led community workshops.

Brecks Landscape Patterns encouraged the wider community to visit the Brecks and record the variety of patterns found over the area. Forest, woodlands, pine lines, heathlands and wetlands were explored and interpreted, together with the cultural heritage. This project also encouraged special needs groups to participate, including those with learning difficulties and those recovering from mental health issues

Each workshop produced exciting group pieces using different art mediums. There were also two open events for the public held at Brandon Country Park as part of the 2015 Suffolk Walking Festival.

"Landscape Patterns is delighted to receive funding for the Breckland community arts project. Minority and special needs groups including those with learning difficulties and people recovering from mental health issues will be involved in this project as well as the wider community. Many of the workshops will be held outdoors in the forest and it is hoped that an awareness of Breckland landscapes, social interaction and wellbeing linked to art will have a positive effect on participants."

Stephanie Hartick, Project Lead

Project Gallery

A selection of images from the project.

Fantastic fun combining art with walk!

Sketchbook Strolls Participant


Sketchbook Strolls 19-05-15
Sketchbook Strolls 19-05-15