Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

Grimes Graves © English Heritage

Grimes Graves © English Heritage

Brecks Heritage Trail

This project set out to create a series of heritage trails across the Brecks, of differing lengths and with each trail designed specifically to highlight a particular theme or aspect of the area’s heritage. The trails identify over 40 sites for their historical importance, from the Neolithic flint mines at Grimes Graves, through Bronze Age barrows, medieval commercial rabbit warrens and the Brandon gunflint industry to the 18th century country estates and houses, 19th century gardens and the 20th century military use of the area and the establishment of Thetford Forest. They will also include sites selected for their outstanding landscape, wildlife and ecological interest.

Find the trail guides here:

  • Weeting History Trail – 3¼ miles
  • Great Estates Trail – 4¾ miles
  • Flint Trail – 1½ miles
  • Warren Trail – 4½ miles
  • Architecture Trail – 2½ miles
  • Forest Trail – 4 miles
  • River Trail – 4¼ miles
  • Wildlife Trail – 6½ miles
  • Heathland Trail – 5¾ miles
  • Churches Trail – 6¾ miles (including church link paths)


  • Long-term provision of well signed access
  • Increased awareness of local heritage
  • Continued volunteer engagement in trail maintenance
  • On-line provision of maps and walks interpretation