Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

What was BNG?

What was BNG?

  • A Home to Many

    A Home to Many

    The Brecks is a special place of changing landscapes and unique character. The variety of habitats provides a home to so many species, some of which occur in The Brecks and no-where else! Our projects worked to improve areas for the benefit of wildlife so our special species can continue to...

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  • A Window into the Past

    A Window into the Past

    The Brecks is steeped in human history, with stories stretching back to the Stone Age.

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  • A Place to Explore

    A Place to Explore

    The Brecks is a great place to escape to; the vast landscape has a sense of space and freedom, with plenty of unique features waiting to be discovered.

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  • A Future for All

    A Future for All

    We gave people the chance to learn new skills and find out more about The Brecks! The Brecks’ heritage and landscape is a fantastic resource.

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  • People's Pot: Community Grant Fund Projects

    People's Pot: Community Grant Fund Projects

    The Breaking New Grant Fund ‘People’s Pot’ offered grants up to £5,000 for projects that conserved, enhanced, celebrated of the historic landscape of the scheme area, or increased public awareness.

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